i am the moon baby.

i am the moon baby there is no other moon baby and there will never be another moon baby.

ppl tryna get me to send everything out to labels and blogs. ppl tryna tell me when i’ll blow up.



i get to create whatever i want using whatever sounds, lyrics, and imagery i want and i get to release it whenever i want to release it and i get to work with whoever i want to work with.

if it blows up, it’ll be because i did it my way, not because i got signed to a label and was dictated to.

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i don’t care if i’m waiting around for a certain recognition or contract. that’s never what i’ve created poetry or music or drag for. 

the fun has kind of been drained out of it for me recently w all the hype people keep throwing on me. i’m not going anywhere right now, and i don’t need to be reminded of all the reasons you think i should be found out by buzzfeed or a record label or rupaul.

i don’t do this for them. i do this for me. 

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plz help spread the word.

plz help spread the word.

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DRAG QUEEN MUSIC, by massage parlour →

I came out with an lp listen to it download it name your own price hi

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today (8/15/13) i booked Assemble Community Space for Arts + Technology for 


A month long multidisciplinary art experiment. news to  come ASAP

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The final installment of the documentary about my band, massage parlour, and the June 20, 2013 release of our EP, Fool Fantasy.

Shot by my videographer and friend, Mario Ashkar. 

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